6 Best Cruises Out of Port Canaveral | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)

It's time to start planning your next big vacation. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway, a family-friendly vacation or an extended voyage, you'll find cruises out of Port Canaveral, Florida that tick all your boxes.

When considering one of the cruises out of Port Canaveral, plan extra time before and after your sailing to soak up all the fun that the area has to offer. There's so much to do in Orlando that you could stay for several days and never get bored — music to your ears if you're traveling with children. One of the best things about Orlando cruises is that you have your choice of theme parks to round out your vacation. They're expansive and immersive escapes into playful worlds, not unlike a great cruise. I love tacking on an extra day or two at an Orlando theme park, usually before my cruise departs. I always appreciate the days of racking up thousands of steps traversing a theme park before boarding a cruise, where I know I'll be able to lounge on a deck or relax in a hot tub.

Not far from Port Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a great place to spend a day admiring the vast scope of NASA. The center offers one-of-a-kind immersion into space exploration, including the chance to strap into a rocket launch simulator for an adrenaline-pumping thrill.

For those seeking a more peaceful retreat before boarding their cruises out of Orlando, Port Canaveral is near the white sands of Cocoa Beach. Spend the day enjoying calm, low waves — great for year-round swimming, learning to surf and kayaking alongside manatees and dolphins. Or take a seat on an airboat ride through the wetlands for encounters with alligators and, depending on the season, bald eagles, herons and osprey.

Ready to book a cruise to Port Canaveral? Here are the six best cruises from Port Canaveral.

1. Best For A Long Weekend

Set to launch in the summer of 2024, Utopia of the Seas℠ will be the sixth Oasis Class ship, Royal Caribbean's class of ships packed with adventure and entertainment. The new ship will focus on three- and four-night cruises from its year-round home port in Port Canaveral, with onboard upgrades that include reimagined pool decks, a Giovanni's℠ Italian Kitchen that spans two decks (try the osso buco!) and the new Pesky Parrot tiki bar, serving fruity co*cktails on the Royal Promenade. This itineraryto the Bahamas on Utopia of the Seas℠ is the best for a long weekend exploring the highlights of The Bahamas, with a day in Nassau followed by a day at Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean's private island destination.

This exquisite itineraryto the Southern Caribbean on Adventure of the Seas® routes you to the farthest corner of the Caribbean for some of its best beaches. Sailing on the Adventure of the Seas® for eight nights from Port Canaveral, you'll stop in ports such as Oranjestad, Aruba; Willemstad, Curaçao; and Kralendijk, Bonaire. Each port will welcome you with easily accessible, powdery sand beaches primed for world-class swimming, snorkeling and diving. You'll have your pick of 86 dive sites at Bonaire National Marine Park with more than 350 recorded fish species known to frequent the waters.

3. Best For A European Adventure

Transatlantic sailings make for such a special vacation, and this 13-night Transatlantic Azores itineraryon Adventure of the Seas® packs four remarkable ports into the crossing. You'll cruise the Atlantic for the first nine days, living it up on a ship that is packed with ways to play and relax. You'll arrive in idyllic Tenerife in the Canary Islands on the tenth day. Immerse yourself in the local Spanish culture by spending part of your day exploring the Museum of Nature and Archaeology or the Basilica de Candelaria shrine. The cruise continues to Lanzarote, Canary Islands, where picture-perfect colonial mansions line cobblestone streets, then on to the adventurous mountain island of Madeira, Portugal before completing your journey in the charming streets of Lisbon, Portugal.

4. Best For Private Island Getaways

This unique Port Canaveral cruise itineraryto Bermuda and Perfect Day at CocoCay on Adventure of the Seas® visits both of Royal Caribbean's private destinations, where paradise is just steps away from the ship. On an eight-night journey, this ship will first cruise to Labadee, the cruise line's private peninsula adventure park and beach. Soak up this private spot by relaxing on the beach, enjoy the destination's signature co*cktail specialty, the Labadoozie (a fruity rum co*cktail) or opt for a zip line ride that will send you soaring over the ocean. The next private island destination is Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean's oasis in The Bahamas. Here you'll port within short distance of pristine beaches, a thrilling water park and countless ways to unwind beneath the palm trees. There's also a stop in Bermuda, home to pink-sand beaches and rum swizzles.

Foodies will delight in fresh, authentic Caribbean dishes on this itineraryto the Western Caribbean and Perfect Day at CocoCay on Wonder of the Seas®. In Cozumel, Mexico you'll find lunch specialties featuring locally caught seafood, often grouper and red snapper fried on a plate with rice and a vibrant salad. In Roatán, Honduras, ceviche is the local favorite, along with fried plantains and baleadas — tacos made with soft flour tortillas. The ship's final port is Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico, a charming fishing village where the salbutes(fried corn tortillas topped with shredded chicken) make a great appetizer to the catch of the day, served hot off the grill.

This seven-night Eastern Caribbean itineraryon Wonder of the Seas® is a top choice if you want to change things up and go on a unique adventure in each port. Your first destination is Philipsburg, St. Maarten, where you can tour the island on an ATV, sample rum from a local distillery or end the day with a sunset horseback ride on the beach. When the ship arrives in the U.S. Virgin Islands at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, head straight to Magens Bay, often short-listed as one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Or dive into a snorkeling tour to get face time with some sea turtles and coral reefs. On your final stop, Royal Caribbean's Perfect Day at CocoCay, everyone in your group can enjoy a seemingly endless array of activities. If the beach is calling, grab a spot on one of the many cushy beach loungers close to a bar serving up island co*cktails that go great with the ocean view. For the adventurous ones, Daredevil's Peak® waterslide is North America's tallest and promises an adrenaline rush.

Encompassing ports of paradise and incredible culture, Orlando cruises are the ideal vacation getaway. Start planning your island escape from Port Canaveral now.

6 Best Cruises Out of Port Canaveral | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)
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